Just now I was very surprise because when I wanted to check the info regarding one of the new movies which is now showing, Quarantine, is actually a remake movie from another version of the same movie which is called REC. Quarantine and REC actually are plotted with the same storyline which is about a spreading virus and infects all the people live in one of the apartments in Los Angeles. All the infected people are then transform into some sort of flesh eating zombies. Okey, why was I surprise? Its because ,can you guys imagine, both movies which are with the same elements, storyline but different actors and languages, are shown to the crowd with only 2 to 3 months time gap.

Quarantine has been released since 17 Nov throughout Malaysia and REC will be released next year if I'm not mistaken which will be around January. It sounds funny for me actually. As far as I'm concern, usually a remake movie will be shown maybe a few years or even decades after the original movie was out, but this time is different and even the remake movie came out even before the original movie itself. Some people claimed that Quarantine is the remake of REC which was produced in Spain and yet I still dont know the truth which one is original.

But somehow, maybe this is the time for us to differentiate and judge which production is the best, whether it is the Hollywood production or Spain production. You guys judge. But for me, after Ive watched both trailers, its hard to see the differences but I think the Hollywood version is better in terms of making the audients to feel the movie. But like I said, its up to you for judging. =)


i end up vomit, dizzy head. not even a half way there watching quarantine.


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