When I heard about this news for the first time on the television, straight away I was shocked. A daughter whose name is Elisabeth Fritzl, 42, was kept in a windowless and soundproofed cell by her father and also was raped by him for over 24 years since his daughter was 18 years old in 1984. This case is happening in Austria and is classified as the high profile case ever in the country.

Within this 24 years, the father which name is Josef Fritzl (pic), 73 , has fathered 7 kids which Elisabeth gave birth to but only 6 of them survive until today. His seventh child was dead long ago and its believed that the body of the child has been thrown into an incinerator by Josef Fritzl himself to dispose the body.

3 of his children which aged 19,18 and 5, have never saw sunlight since they were born until they were freed a few days ago. His other 3 kids lived with their grandparents and they were registered with authorities saying that they were found outside of his house in 1993,1994 and 1997.

If Josef is found guilty, he will be imprisoned for 15 years and for me thats not enough and he deserves to spend more years in jail. This is because he has kept her daughter for 24 years and raped her, but he will only be imprisoned for 15 years? Thats not fair enough if compared with his cruelty.


Manchester United have finally booked their place in the final round of UEFA Champions League 2008 which will be held in Moscow after they won against Barcelona 1 -0 at Old Trafford, Manchester. They will face either Chelsea or Liverpool. Thanks to the fantastic goal by Paul Scholes.

Paul Scholes (pic)has scored the crucial goal or in other words, he's the one who make Barcelona suffered for not being at the final this time. The ball passed everyone including Victor Valdes and straight went into the net to seal the winning moment.

Although Barcelona have fully controlled the game with good passes, technique and shots on goal, they still cant beat Manchester United. United still lack of passing technique and need to improve their tactic and understanding after they let Barcelona to control the game easily.

Sir Alex must do something in order to make sure that Man United will bring two trophies back to Old Trafford which are English Premier League and UEFA Champions League.


You might be wondering, who is this guy? Some of you might know about him. He is actually the first ever The Apprentice candidate that was hired by Mr. Donald Trump. He was the winner of the first season of The Apprentice.
He is one of my idols in entrepreneur field. Since he became the winner of The Apprentice, he started to be famous and idolised by a lot of entreprenuers around the world. He is a very ambitious man, smart, extraordinary, respected and in demand entreprenuer. He is a true entreprenuer. Since he was 23 years old, he founded the internet-based company, Cigars Around The World in a studio apartment. Today, he successfully brings the company to be a multi-million dollar national operation and he is one of the Board of Directors.

Since he was hired by Donald Trump, he has followed Mr. Trump all over the United States and internationally. He was appointed to oversee one of the Trump projects right after he was announced as The Apprentice winner. Nowadays, he is very active in giving motivation and share his experience with entrepreneurs, students and others around the world. He has done so many events and speak in several countries such as in Malaysia, Ireland, Equador, New Zealand and etc. He has authoured a couple of New York Times best-selling books which talk about business.

Manhattan Fish Market restaurant -finest seafood-

Want to eat the finest seafood ever? Try Manhattan Fish Market. But before that, let me tell you a little bit about the history of this restaurant. It has been established for about 180 years ago and its first location was in Manhattan under the Brooklyn Bridge. It serves the freshest seafood until today. Till now it is still maintaining its reputation as the largest wholesale fish market in United States.
In Malaysia there are 11 branches such as at Alamanda (Putrajaya), Sunway Pyramid, Mid Valley Megamall, Subang Parade, Suria KLCC, and etc.

A Manhattan restaurant owner once said about The Manhattan Fish Market "This is a whole world in itself. Its seafood at its finest"

Sony Ericsson G502 - Up to SPEED, Up to DATE -

Sony Ericsson, one of the top handphone manufacturers on the planet is now promoting their new product, G502. This brand new handphone enables you to access your e-mail and surf the internet on the go. You also can get the latest news from your favourite websites which are sent to your phone straight away. It has weather application and it provides you with 3 days weather forecast wherever you are. High-speed 3G or HSDPA provides the connectivity power you need. It also has camera and other stuff such as bluetooth and it uses Memory Stick Micro support (32 MB Memory). G502 is coming soon.


This coming Tuesday, Manchester United will face Barcelona in Old Trafford, Manchester. This will be the 2nd leg semi final match between both clubs. During the 1st leg game, both teams ended with goaless scoreline in Nou Camp, Barcelona.

Who will proceed to the final round of the Champions League and meet either Liverpool or Chelsea in Moscow?

My prediction: Of course Man Utd will win with no doubt =P

Match details:
United vs.Barcelona
Champions League
Kick Off: 19:45 (2.45 am - 30th April - Local time)
Tue 29th April

IRON MAN - 30 April 2008 -

This coming April 30 2008, All Marvel fan in Malaysia can be among the first in the world to watch Iron Man, one of the most anticipated movies in the year 2008. Unfortunately, those who are staying in United States have to wait until 2 May 2008.

Iron Man is about the story of Tony Stark who is a billionaire industrialist and a genius inventor especially in weapon. He then is kidnapped and forced to build the most powerful and devastating weapon.

Instead, he uses his intelligent to build a high tech suit armor and uses it to protect the earth from the dark sides.

Tips4U - Saving Money

Riches is not determined by how high is your salary. But how much you can save up your money!

If you earn RM10,000 monthly but you spend RM9800, you will save up only Rm200 BUT if you earn RM3500 monthly and you spend just RM3000, meaning your saving would be RM500 permonth. Can you get the picture?

Renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal..muehehe


I believe that, when you see this picture, you might ask this a futureristic building? or what is this? For your information, this is a building which is named as Shimizu Mega City Pyramid and it is using the "City in a pyramid" concept. Its height is actually 12 times higher than the Pyramid of Giza in Cairo, Egypt. The location to build this floating Pyramid is at the Tokyo Bay in Japan and it is planned to allocate about 750,000 people which are to be placed in a few dangling skyscrapers inside the mega structure pyramid like a fruit on a tree.
If this massive project is ready to be built, it will be the largest man-made structure on earth. For now, this project cant be initiated because of lack in technology. We cant simply use the material that we have now such as concrete because its a very heavy material and not strong enough. For this project, it is suggested to use a future available material which is super strong to withstand the weight of the structure an it is called Carbon Nanotubes.
In order to makesure the durability of this pyramid, the designers need to consider the present of earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

TeA TiMe ZONE - Panas Baran @ Hotheaded

Dear all...i'd like to create a zone which can enable us to discuss or perhaps give some solutions to whatever topic that will be discussed which is called TeA TiMe in here, you can give any comment regarding the topic based from your experience.

Therefore, I'll start the topic today and the topic would be about "PANAS BARAN @ HOT HEADED". Is it hotheaded in English? hmmm..I think so..ahaha. What is hotheaded in your understanding? Have you came across any problems which related to hotheaded? Alright, so now you are free to share and tell us any experience that you have about this topic and whats the solution that you know on how to resolve this problem. Thank you =)

Airport body scanners 'VIRTUAL STRIP SEARCHES'

TRAVELLERS at Los Angeles and New York airports will be searched using a new scanner that peers through their clothes and creates an image of the person's body, federal officials announced.

The sophisticated technology, called millimetre wave imaging, might prove to be a more effective way to check travellers for guns, knives, bombs and dangerous materials than pat-down searches. But it has raised questions by privacy and civil rights advocates, who say the screening process is invasive and amounts to a virtual strip search.

"I don't think people are really aware of just how accurate and detailed the images are of their naked body," said Peter Bibring, a staff lawyer for the American Civil Liberties Union in Los Angeles. "We need to make sure there are good safeguards. The temptation is great not to follow procedures when a celebrity or someone well known is involved."
Millimetre wave pictures are white and dark gray. Although somewhat fuzzy, they are detailed enough to reveal such features as breasts and body anomalies.

"This will allow us to enhance our security at LAX (Los Angeles airport)," said Nico Melendez, a TSA spokesman. "Imaging devices are not a brand new security tool, but they are a brand new security tool for airports."

If passengers don't want to go through the scanner, they can opt for other screening measures, including pat-down searches. Signs in the checkpoint area will advise travellers of this option. During the process, a person walks into a large portal and assumes two positions for the scan. A three-dimensional image later appears on a computer screen checked by a security official in a separate location. The process takes a minute or two.

To protect a person's privacy, officials said that security officers review the images in a booth about 20 metres away and are unable to see the passenger in question. The faces of those scanned are blurred, and the images cannot be stored, copied or printed, officials said.

source: (retrieved April 20, 2008)

Info4U - electric chair??

Electric chair was first used in 1890 in United States. Only a few states in USA are using this kind of execution as the secondary method while other states dont apply it. There are also states that used to execute people by electric chair long ago and they have stopped from using it. Then Philipines started to use it in 1924 and stopped the use of electric chair in 1976.

It is a symbol of death penalty but its use is on a decline. In the United States, several states allow the prisoners to choose either electric chair or lethal injection such as Alabama, Florida, South Carolina and Virginia.

But the most interesting fact about this electric chair is its law. In United States, a prisoner sentenced to death by electric chair, who survives 3 jolts of 15,000 volts each for 45 seconds...must be set free. How about that? Scary isnt it?

World EARTH DAY campaign -22 APRIL 2008-

A fact about gentleman that ladies need to know - MEN DONT LIKE TO BE CRITICISED

Men really dont like to be criticised because they dont have that kind of attitude. There will be answers and reasons from them if they are criticised. Maybe it can get worse and confrontation will occur.

There are ways to criticise them such as from humor way and talk smoothly. If you want to criticise, make sure your dont do it too emosional and pick the right time for that. It is also recommended if you start the criticism with compliment.

Blueberry reduces cholestrol!

Dear friends, I have a good news for you in order to reduce cholestrol level in your body. What you have to do is, eat more blueberry! There was a research that has been done by medical specialist in United States regarding blueberry as the alternative way to reduce cholestrol and what they got was an amazing result!

Pterostilbene, which is a component that can be found in blueberry shows that it can stimulate the protein receptor in our body. Pterostilbene is a very important component to reduce cholestrol and body fat. Another research on pterostilbene saying that it also helps to fight cancer and diabetes.

All these researches on blueberry really bring some hope to those who suffer these kind of deseases. But somehow, the most important thing in our life is, we still have to do some exercises, eat healthy food and have a well balance diet in our day life routine. All of these are important and actually the best way in order to reduce cholestrol and heart attack risk.

Palm Islands, Dubai

Have you ever heard about Palm Islands in Dubai? There are three of them not one(it was stated as plural anyway). The Islands are The Palm Jumirah (yellow), The Palm Jebel Ali (blue) and The Palm Deira(green). All of the Islands are the biggest man-made or artificial island so far in the world. The projects are being constructed by Nakheel Properties, which is a property developer based in the United Arab Emirates. They hired Dutch contractor Van Oord, who is one of the worlds specialist in land reclaimation.

The objective of doing these projects is to increase Dubai tourism. Therefore, Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Makhtum(pic), who is the United Arab Emirates prime minister and also the ruler of Dubai came out with the idea to construct these Palm Island and commissioned the Islands.

Talking about the shape of the islands, as you can see from the picture above, all of the islands are in the shape of palm tree.
Each settlement will topped with a crescent, and will have a large number of residential, leisure and entertainment centers. The Palm Islands are located off the coast of The United Arab Emirates in the Persian Gulf and will add 520 km of beaches to the city of Dubai.

So far, a lot of buyers have owned properties in the Palm Island. The have bought millions of dollar properties such as a bungalow. From what I have read, there are a few famous persons already have booked or even bought property in the island such as Donald Trump, the owner of Trump Tower and The Apprentice tv show and football players such as David Beckham, Joe Cole and David James.

The first two islands will comprise approximately 100 million cubic meters of rock and sand. Palm Deira will be composed of approximately 1 billion cubic meters of rock and sand. All materials will be quarried in the UAE. Between the three islands there will be over 100 luxury hotels, exclusive residential beach side villas and apartments, marinas, water theme parks, restaurants, shopping malls, sports facilities and health spas.

The construction of the island together with all the hotels, shopping malls and houses, will be completed over the next 10 - 15 years.

Reasons why they will win: Champions League

I've read a newspaper lately that stated why these 4 clubs will win the semi-final clashes in Champions League. Very interesting.Check it out!

Why Chelsea will win:

Michael Essien
  • They cannot accept a third semi-final defeat to Liverpool
  • The 2nd leg will be played at Stamford Bridge
  • Manager Avram Grant wants to go one-up above Jose Maurinho. who never reached the final with Chelsea
  • Owner Mr.Roman has already booked hotel rooms in Moscow for his family for the final

Why Liverpool will win:

  • The Reds simply love to beat Chelsea in the semi-finals
  • They have the Kop, who are worth a goal start in any big match
  • They have Steven Gerrard, the skipper who can single-handedly win a big match and of course, the Spaniard goal predator Fernando Torres(pic)
Why Man Utd will win:

  • The team are playing very well
  • They have Cristiano Ronaldo(pic), currently the best player in the world
  • Manager, Sir Alex, wants to retire as true England and European champions becos when Man Utd won the Cup in 1999, they didnt enter the competition as English champions.
  • They badly want to meet and beat bitter rivals in the final.

Why Barcelona will win:

  • They have the pedigree of being recent champions(beating Arsenal in the 2006 final)
  • They have a fit-again Lionel Messi, a player who can win a match by magic
  • They have super reserves such as Ronaldinho(pic) and Thierry Henry
  • Under fire manager Frank Rijkaard wants to avoid the sack

Nothing is SCARIER than the TRUTH -You cant FOOL Mother Nature- (Part 1)

As the starter, hmm..I dont think that most of us will ever think about what is going on around us nowadays. Have you ever thought that the climate is not the same as ever and the weather is not following what it should be. For instance, this month in Belgium there shouldnt be snow fall but its happening instead. In Malaysia, this month, we shouldnt come across with heavy rain thoughout the month but the heavy rain is still happening. Why??

From what I have read, this is the outcome of the greenhouse effect. What is greenhouse effect? Its not about somebody's house which is green in colour but its about the process in which the emission of infrafed radiation by the atmosphere warms the planet's surface.

The earth receives energy from the sun in the form of radiation.The earth will reflects almost 30% of the radiation back to the space but the remaining 70% is absorbed and warming the land, atmosphere and the ocean. From engineering term, it maybe hard for those who dont know anything about environment field of civil engineering but I'll try to explain with simple words so that you can understand better and hopefully you will.

Do you know carbon dioxide (CO2)? It is a gas that can be easily obtained from our beloved car exhaust. Do you know how many cars now in the world? Its TRILLION BILLION of them!! I dont know the exact amount. So cars are one of the contributors of the release of CO2 to the atmoshphere. What CO2 relates with the greenhouse effect? It is the gas that trapt the radiation from being released to the space! That is why when the radiation is getting higher, the more warm we get! And with the increase of the is capable to melt the south and north iceberg!Want to know more and what will happen when the iceberg melts? -to be continued

NIKE -Just Do It-

Alright guys, now I want to share an information with you about one of the world top leading sportswear and equipment supplier, NIKE.

As you all might know, NIKE is based in The United States of America. They have been in the sports arena since 1964 and during that time it was known as Blue Ribbon Sports and was founded by Bill Bowerman and Phillip Knight. They finally became NIKE in 1978.

The company takes its name from NIKE, the Greek goddess of victory. Nike markets its products under its own brand as well as Nike Golf, Nike Pro, Nike+, Air Jordan, Nike Skateboarding, Team Starter, and subsidiaries including Cole Haan, Hurley International, Umbro and Converse.

Nowadays, they have sponsored many high profile athletes such as Maria Sharapova, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and they even sponsor a football club such as Manchester United. Their trademark is their motto which is JUST DO IT and they are popular with their swoosh logo.

SUDOKU -The Brain Game-

You are bored now? Dont know what to do? Try this out!!

Some of you might familiar with this picture but some of you might ask yourself, what is this? Ok, now the time has come to challenge your brain. Is your brain good enough to settle this puzzle? Hmm..never try never know. So lets try!

For your information, especially for those who dont know anything about this picture, this is a game. It is a logic-based number placement puzzle so called Sudoku. All you have to do is just put all the numbers starting from number 1 to 9 in every horizontal line, vertical line and each of the 3x3 boxes which are 9 of them in the picture.

But the rule is, after you have completed the puzzle, you have to check again because once you have 2 or more same number in any of your horizontal line boxes, vertical line boxes or 3X3 boxes, you have to correct it and find the real number that you have to put in. You have to do the correction until you find that for every horizontal line boxes, vertical line boxes and 3X3 boxes no same number has been put.

So try it! What are you waiting for??? If you want more explanation or even try Sudoku online game, just search 'SUDOKU' in Yahoo or Google search engine! Simple and easy! =)

Cherating -Surfer Heaven-

Cherating is well known as the most popular destination in Malaysia among tourists. It is popular because of its beautiful scenery when sunset and sunrise, nice white sandy shore and gulf shore with 3 kilometres long. Tourists can also experience the tradisional fisherman village environment in Cherating. But instead of all that have been mentioned earlier, the top reason why Cherating is always been the most chosen place to be visited is because of its 'surfer heaven' status.

A lot of surfers from around the world have tried surfing in Cherating. For them, Cherating is unique compared to the other places that they have been for surfing. The perfect time for surfing at Cherating is between November till January every year. Surfing makes Cherating become alive throughout the year.

Among photographers and artists, the most favorite time for them when they are in Cherating is when sunrise. The beautiful scenery makes them inspired to put it into pictures and paints.

A lot of things can be done in here such as see how they create wau and batik,watch baby turtle hatch at night with the help of villagers, see how they make 'keropok Lekor' a favourite food among Malaysians, catch fish and a few more activities. Most of the time, tourists will spend about 3 days 2 nights and stay at 3 stars hotel or even 5 stars hotel. They also can try the homestay programme. But some of them also prefer more to camping and stay at chalet.

For those who are interested, you can call Tourism Malaysia Pahang ( 09-5177111/113) for more details.

World biggest tunnel drill-bit in Football Tycoon plan of purchase

Roman Abramovich
The most popular football tycoon, Roman Abramovich, the boss of Chelsea FC is planning to buy the world biggest tunnel drill-bit. The announcement to purchase the tunnel drill-bit which will cost the billionaire around 80 Million Pounds has been made recently. The plan to buy the tool is to bore a tunnel near the black sea.

It had been claimed that the drill would tunnel a subterranean passage across the Bering Strait, between Siberia and Alaska

However, a spokesman for the billionaire industrialist swiftly denied the suggestion.

German magazine Der Spiegel has reported that the drill-bit will be used by the football mogul's company Infrastruktura to dig tunnels to improve the infrastructure around the Black Sea resort of Sochi – where the 2014 Winter Olympics are scheduled to take place.

Even without being used to drill a tunnel under the Bering Strait, it has been suggested the device could make more than a billion dollars a year by leasing it out.

The drill-bit will be made by German firm Herrenknecht AG, who were involved in the construction of the Channel Tunnels

source:http// (retrieved on 15/4/2008)

Man United - a few steps away to be crowned-

Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger

Manchester United are almost there, to be crowned as the season 2007/08 EPL Champions. After beating Arsenal last Sunday and followed by the draw between Chelsea and Wigan in yesterday night game, the chances for Manchster United is very high.

They have only 4 games left before the end of the season and Sir Alex Ferguson was hoping that they can clinch the title at Stamford Bridge on April 26. Their next opponent will be Blackburn Rovers which recently failed to be in the top four to qualify for the next Champions League, after losing to Liverpool 3-1.

Sir Alex Ferguson said if they win their next three games out of four, they will be crowned the champions of the season. But if they manage to win only 2 games, they still can win the championship but with big goal difference. But United still can manage to be on top of the league since they have already a great goal difference if compared to their current title rival, Chelsea.

Rowing - The most popular water sport-

Rowing is a sport in which athletes race against each other on river, lakes or on the ocean, depending upon the type of race and the discipline. The boats are propelled by the reaction forces on the oar blades as they are pushed against the water. The sport can be both recreational, focusing on learning the techniques required, and competitive where overall fitness plays a large role. It is also one of the oldest Olympic sports. In the United States, Australia and Canada, high school and collegiate rowing is sometimes referred to as crew.

While rowing, the athlete sits in the boat facing backwards (towards the stern), and uses the oars which are held in place by the oarlocks to propel the boat forward (towards the bow). This may be done on a river, lake, sea, or other large body of water. It is a demanding sport requiring strong core balance as well as physical strength and cardiovascular endurance.
Whilst the action of rowing and equipment used remains fairly consistent throughout the world, there are many different types of competition. These include endurance races, time trials, stake racing, bumps racing, and the side-by-side format used in the Olympic games. The many different formats are a result of the long history of the sport, its development in different regions of the world, and specific local requirements and restrictions.

There are two forms of rowing. In Sweep or Sweep-oar rowing, each rower has one oar, held in both hands. This is done in pairs, fours and eights. Each rower in a sweep boat is referred to either as "port" or "starboard", depending on which side of the boat the rower's oar extends to. In areas such as the UK, the port side is usually referred to as stroke side, and the starboard side as bow side; this applies even if the stroke oarsman is rowing on bow side and/or the bow oarsman on stroke side.

In sculling each rower has two oars (or sculls), one in each hand. Sculling is usually done without a coxswain, in quadruples, doubles or singles. The oar in the sculler's right hand extends to port (stroke side), and the oar in the left hand extends to starboard (bow side).
source: (retrieved April 10, 2008)

Hujan ais di selatan China

Gambar-gambar diatas ini telah berlaku di China. Banyak ais-ais yang terbentuk dan menyamai daun-daun dan bunga-bunga yang terdapat di sekitar selatan China ini kerana hasil pembekuan mata-mata air yang menyelaputi daun dan bunga itu. Semua kejadian ini adalah berpunca daripada hujan ais yang melanda di selatan negara ini.
Iklim dunia seakan-akan tidak menentu pada masa kini. Mungkin kesan rumah hijau mula menampakkan kesannya akibat daripada kegiatan negatif manusia sendiri seperti membuat pembakaran terbuka dan lain-lain yang mencemarkan alam sekitar.
Sama-samalah kita semua mejaga alam sekitar kita untuk masa depan generasi kini dan akan datang.

United melangkah ke separuh akhir Liga Juara-juara bertemu Barca

Manchester United berjaya melayakkan diri ke peringkat seterusnya dalam Liga Juara-Juara Eropah selepas menewaskan AS Roma dengan aggregat 3-0. Peringkat seterusnya adalah separuh akhir dimana Manchester United akan bertemu dengan satu lagi kelab gergasi eropah iaitu Barcelona. Barcelona dilihat kurang meyakinkan pada kali ini apabila sekadar menang dengan aggregat 1-0 keatas Schalke 04.

Barcelona yang sedang mengalami sedikit kemerosotan daripada segi kualiti permainan dikaitkan dengan merudumnya prestasi bekas pemain terbaik dunia, Ronaldinho. Ronaldinho hanya bermain dalam beberapa perlawanan sahaja untuk musim ini bersama Barcelona kerana mengalami kecederaan dan persembahan hambarnya. Selepas dikaitkan dengan perpindahan ke beberapa kelab terkemuka eropah, agen Ronaldinho iaitu abang kandungnya sendiri menafikan khabar angin tersebut.

Manchester United pada ketika ini sedang mensasarkan untuk menjadi juara Liga Perdana Inggeris (EPL) dan Liga Juara-juara Eropah (CL) bagi musim ini. Selepas dikecewakan oleh Portsmouth dalam Piala FA, maka terpadamlah hasrat Sir Alex Ferguson untuk meraikan treble kedua beliau semenjak menjadi pengurus Manchester United. Berdasarkan prestasi Manchester United pada ketika ini menunjukkan betapa cerahnya peluang pasukan gergasi eropah ini untuk merangkul juara bagi kedua-dua kejohanan tersebut.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney dan beberapa pemain lagi sedang menunjukkan prestasi yang meyakinkan untuk membawa Manchester United ke peringkat yang lebih tinggi lagi.

Cristiano Ronaldo -The best so far-

The picture might show you he has scored 35 goals. But with recent good performance during the match between Manchester United and AS Roma for the Champions League clashes, he scored another crucial goal and that makes his collection increased to 36 goals for this season. He still has about 13 games left, the total matches of both EPL and Champions League to be played with Manchester United this season. Hopefully he can score and score and keep scoring.

He has just defeated George Best by beating Best record which was 32 goals and now he is trying to beat Dennis Law record which was 40+ (I cant remember the exact amount)

He is a very talented player and has a very bright future with Manchester United.

All the best to him and Manchester United!

Manchester United - 2007/08 English Premier League Champions??

After performing well lately, Manchester United seems to have a good quality to win both English Premier League (EPL) and Champions League. They are currently 6 points ahead of Chelsea and Arsenal in the EPL and they have another 6 games left in the fixture. Tomorrow they will be visiting Middlesborough and try to win the game in order to increase their chances to be the champions of England. But anything can happen during this period so for Manchester United fan, lets pray for the success of our football team..hehheh.

Next week they will be hosting AS Roma for the Champions League 2nd leg clash. If they win the game, they will probably face either Barcelona or Schalke 04. For the 1st leg match, Manchester United won by 2 goals and no conceding goal. Thanks to two of United most talented players Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo. They have scored the crucial goals in order to let Manchester United survive in the competition.

Although United have surely can not get the treble this season, but they can still be the champions of these two major trophies. The chances are there.

Hopefully Manchester United will strive for the victory!

Glory glory Manchester United!! =)

Worlds deepest immersed tunnel in South Korea

The Busan-Geoje Fixed Link Project is a major infrastructure development in South Korea. The link will provide easy access between Busan – Korea’s southernmost, second largest city – and the island of Geoje. The current journey to the island takes over three and a half hours driving time over an out of the way route of over 140km or involves using the ferry; the new link will cut the journey time to approximately one hour (60km).

Construction originally started in 2004 and is well under way with the first 45,000 tonnes by 180m long element successfully placed. Of this 8.2km, four-lane fixed link, there will be 4km of immersed tunnel and two 2km cable-stayed bridges. It will be the world’s deepest immersed roadway tunnel at 48m below mean water level and the world’s second longest immersed concrete tunnel.

The project consists of three construction phases:
Phase 1: links Geoje Island and Jeo Island and includes a cable-stayed bridge, approach bridges, and a bored tunnel section
Phase 2: links Jeo Island and Jungjuk Island and includes a cable-stayed bridge and approach bridge section
Phase 3: links Jungjuk Island and Gadeok Island and includes immersed and bored tunnel sections

The fixed link project is being implemented along the lines of the privately-financed BOT (build, operate, transfer) model. This is become increasingly common in major fixed-link infrastructure construction projects.

The project is a public private partnership with 72% private and 28% government funding and a 40 year concession period. The link is scheduled to open to traffic before the end of 2010.

source: (retrieved April 6, 2008)

Welcome Message

Assalamualaikum and Hello

Hai everyone. My name is Mohd Muazan Bin Mohd Mohsin. I'm the owner of this blogspot. For your information, this blogspot has been created in order to share any infos regarding civil engineering field but it is more to structural, highway and transportation part. This is because I'll be majoring either in structural or higway and transportation during my final year study in Civil Engineering course. But now, I'm still in my third year of degree. I have one more semester to go before I enter the final year degree. Therefore I'm taking this opportunity to create this blogspot in order to improve my knowledge in Civil Engineering and even improving the languages that I use.

Instead of these two majors that I have mentioned, actually I will also share about the current issues in Malaysia and worldwide such as politics, football, etc.

I'd like to inform you guys that this blog will be presented in two languages which are in Bahasa Malaysia and english. Honestly, I'm still trying to improve my english or even my Bahasa so I hope that if there any mistakes in my grammar, spelling or sentences, I'm very very sorry.

Lastly, I want to say thanks to everyone who surfs through my blogspot. Thanks for your support.

Best regards,

Mohd Muazan Mohd Mohsin
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