2012 2012 2012.....ape ada dengan 2012??

Yang penting takde kaitan dengan movie 2012 yang meletup letup baru-baru ni (meletup ke??).

Gua telah merancang untuk menyambung pelajaran gua dalam Master In Business Administration (MBA). Kalau ada rezeki leh la gua dapat Master business plak tu..:D

Harap2 semua leh la bagi sokongan dengan mendoakan agar gua dapat menyambung pelajaran gua dalam MBA seperti yang dirancang dan berjaya dengan cemerlang..

Terima kasih allz!! :D


my brother Muazmeer posed with AUDI R8 V10 used by Tony Stark in Iron Man 2

Another gorgeous car I saw this year : AUDI R8 V10

**All pictures are taken after finished watching Iron Man 2 2D at Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur


Hari ni aku menonton Iron Man 2 kat Pavillion dengan adik bongsu si Muazmeer. Bawak dia jalan2 KL tengok wayang sekali. Dari dulu duk sibuk nak tengok Iron Man...ahaha

Since GSC ada offer wayang 2-D quality punye so I decided to try it and I was so satisfied with the quality of the picture. Its like you watch DVD. People always ask whats the difference between 2-D and normal hall (35mm)??


The price is a bit expensive but its worth it..I was really satisfied! :D


You know how smart Donald Trump is. He can be considered as one of the best business tycoon in the world.

He once lived in debt and the value was more than a billion of dollars but he managed to go sky high once again. Thats his greatest bounce.

I love to watch THE APPRENTICE and I even watch season 1 and 2 over and over again at youtube. I love to see how exactly Donald Trump manages all his Apprentice candidates and what exactly happens when some of so called talented people in business area or among Americans brightest business minded are gathered together and survive in the world of business.

Some of them might have good education background and some of them only got high school diploma but you will never know actually who can perform better because although we have good education background but lack of practical lesson in can eat you and spit you out....enuff said

So in conclusion, I would love to be like Donald Trump but still have my own style and trademark..hopefully I can be like him without forgetting who I really am in this small world...:D


These few days I was so busy with my work at site. Having to catch up all targeted works to be completed is something really tiring because you have to consider a lot of things and setting up schedule for those works. Since I'm engaging with a lot of people with different mentality and different life background really makes me feel a bit tired.

But for me these things are my experience and I will learn from everything I face everyday. This is one of the ways to learn what life is all about which you cant learn it in class....which more towards theory.

But I believe that there will be more things to come in coming weeks and just have to get ready with all the obstacles...


MuMubOOK dilancarkan!

Announcing my latest website which will promote most of the books that I have read. Most of the books are about money! :)

The benefits that you will get from these books are tips to save your money, tips to grow your money, tips in real estate industry, tips of doing internet business and many more!

The website is

Let me explain again that i'm not selling my own book....I'm just promoting all the books that I think can help you to manage your money! :D


Yeah! gembira hati ini apabila kepala azimat Paul Scholes berjaya meletakkan Manchester United kembali cerah dalam merebut kejuaraan liga buat kali ke-empat berturut-turut. Hebat pulak orang tua sorang ni main semalam. Papepun thanks to Evra's cross yang meletup da bomb..kemenangan 1 - 0 ke atas Man City sangat la diperlukan! :D

Ditambah lagi dengan kekalahan Chelsea dengan Tottenham (lawan United minggu depan)..lagi la melompat2 kegirangan..cheewah.

Papepun, peluang masih ada dan perjuangan harus diteruskan! :D tahniah pasukan Man United!


We are going to enter the mid year of 2010 and I already feel that I need to go for a holiday. After spending most of the time at the work site which you have to face the hot day, I think I would love to go somewhere with cool air and I can rest my mind from thinking about work and problems.

Its good actually to rest you mind and body few times a year. Its one of the best therapy to peace your mind from the busy city, traffic jam, work, and other related problems.

What I have in my mind is to go to Cameron Highland or Genting Highland. But most likely it would be Cameron Highland because its been a long time I didnt go there. The last time Ive been there like 10 or 15 years back if i'm not mistaken. What a pity...huhuhu

Another special thing about Cameron Highland is that, the place got a lot of nice view (from what Ive seen at google image) which would be beneficial to rest my mind and I can eat one of my favorite fruits which is Strawberry. Although its my favorite but I dont think I can eat a lot of it. hahaha

So hopefully...I can go there for my vacation this coming May...yeah!


Huhuhuhuhuh...actually this post is not about what you have read at the title post above. I also dont know why i did that. Perhaps I must have been going crazy. huhuhuhu...

Its actually about TIRED and SLEEP!! :D

Whats with these two words??

These two words represent what I believe must be happening to everyone's life including me. After spending everyday working at site project with hot environment (if its not raining), dusty and every where you go there is no green area plus traffic jam throughout the road once you want to go makes your life sick. But what to do....this is life is all about. Full with pain, horror and not to forget happiness! :D

So what you got to do is to always calm down and pray to god that you will always have the happiness that you are looking for. But remember, life is like a tyre anyway. sometimes you will be at the top with all the good things and sometimes you will be at the bottom facing all the negative things. You must be prepared to face it all or as a muslim we call it "redha"

So back to the title of the post...actually I just woke up here. huhuhu..Once I got back home at 6.30pm this evening, I prayed Asar and I laid down on my bed. Suddenly everything was black and light started to fill up my eyes once I opened my eyes and I found that the clock was at 10 pm....horrible! I just missed my Maghrib prayer!



One of our glorious day back in 2009 where we still got Ronaldo and Tevez

When the game between Manchester United and Blackburn ended with draw 0-0 just now, I believe that all Man United fans are disappointed and feel that the chance to win 4 times in a row the Barclay Premier League has now gone. Me myself at times feel the same thing which is disappointment but to be honest I still got faith in my fellow Red Devils!

Although now Chelsea have big advantage with 1 point clear and 1 game in hand, we as United fans shall not easily lose faith in Manchester United. We might say SAF should buy new player and kick the ass of few current players who are not achieve the level they should have shown...which is also what the fans expect from them....but we still got 4 games and we should finish what we have started...Chelsea still got another 1 big match which against Liverpool and although the other games are only against small small club but we have to bear in mind that anything could happen to them.

So, as UNITED fans...we shall continue to support our team and hopefully luck will be on our side...LUCK is so much important right now..:D

Glory glory man united!


Morning everybody! I think I'm having a problem with my sleeping time. Just now I slept at 6 am and woke up at 10.30 am. At first right after I woke up I felt a little bit dizzy but few minutes later I felt comfortable like I had a good 6 hours (minimum) of sleep.

By the way, still thinking what am I going to do today. Generally what I have in my mind for todays activity so far is to rest...thats the only thing that I want to do. Feel like to hang around somewhere but dont know where to go.

Reading a book might be one of the activities today. Just bought 7 new books during a mega sale recently.

But the most important thing is I WANT TO ENJOY MY LIFE TODAY! :D

I'm back!

Wallalalalala...hello all! :D

I'm so excited to announce that I'm back to update my blog! All this while I was so busy and almost forgot about my lovely blog. So hopefully, this time around i'll try to spend few of my 24 hours a day to set up new post for you to read!

Keep on supporting me and I'll try to do my best to provide post that would give you benefit and knowledge while relaxing and enjoying your cup of tea.



Isu hangat ketika ini adalah penggunaan nama Allah dalam The Herald sebagai nama tuhan agama kristian dalam bahasa melayu. Pada perkiraan saya dah lebih 5 kes cubaan memusnahkan gereja berlaku di Malaysia. Sebelum saya pergi lebih jauh dalam memberikan pendapat peribadi, eloklah dibaca petikan yang diambil daripada Sila klik link dibawah..,8599,1952497,00.html

Nama tuhan kristian dalam bahasa Melayu adalah Allah S.W.T bagi saya memang boleh mengelirukan dan boleh menggoncang dunia. Bukan bermaksud dihati penulis dalam menulis post kali ini untuk memburukkan lagi suasana. Namun ianya harus difikirkan secara lojik akal dan munasabah.

Dimanakah letaknya darjat nama yang Maha Suci iaitu Allah S.W.T dalam kehidupan manusia ketika ini? Memanglah dalam kepercayaan Islam bahawa Allah itu adalah pencipta seluruh kehidupan dan alam semesta namun ianya tidak bermakna bahawa penggunaan nama Allah boleh sewenang-wenangnya disalahguna untuk diterjemahkan dalam bahasa Melayu daripada bahasa inggerisnya 'God'. Adakah ini adil dan satu langkah yang bijak?

'GOD' adalah 'TUHAN' dan 'TUHAN' adalah 'GOD'...mengapa perlu jadi 'GOD' sebagai 'ALLAH' dalam bahasa Melayunya? Memang tidak menghairankan jika keputusan hakim Lau Bee Lan daripada Mahkamah Tinggi telah mencetuskan ketidakpuashatian semua umat Islam di Malaysia. Keputusan untuk membenarkan penggunaan nama Allah oleh agama lain selain Islam adalah tidak tepat. Ini boleh menimbulkan kekecohan dan kekeliruan.

Secara tepatnya, adakah Allah tuhan agama Kristian? JAWAPANNYA TIDAK! Allah memang pencipta alam manusia mengikut kepercayaan umat islam dan mereka yang benar-benar layak untuk menggunakan nama Allah adalah mereka yang beriman kepadanya atau dengan kata lain mereka yang mengucap kalimah Syahadah.

Jika sekiranya penggunaan nama Allah berleluasa dan agama lain bebas menggunakannya dalam memberi maksud 'GOD' dalam penerbitan mereka, pasti ramai umat manusia akan terkeliru dan ini boleh menimbulkan ketegangan antara agama dan paling berat murtad.

Oleh itu, marilah kita sama-sama berdoa kepada Allah agar perkara ini dapat diselesaikan dengan segera dan bertindaklah secara aman dalam memastikan keagungan nama ALLAH S.W.T itu sentiasa berada pada darjat tertinggi dalam agama Islam.


Here are some useful hydration tips for you:

Before Your Run :

  • Hydrate yourself with 5 to 7 ml per kilogram of body weight at least 4 hours before the run. This will allow time for excretion of excess fluid such as urine and also prevent you from searching around for toilets during the race.
  • Weigh yourself before the run. Aim for not more than 2% weight loss after your run (refer to "After Your Run" below).
  • Remember 1 kilogram weight loss = 1 litre fluid loss.

During Your Run :

  • DO NOT rely on thirst to drink. Take in small amounts of fluid frequently.
  • Look out for isotonic hydration points along the running route. Alternatively, carry bottles with markings to encourage drinking beyond the usual few gulps.
  • Hydrate yourself with a sports drink after exercising for more than 1 hour. Studies have shown that sports drink provides essential carbohydrates and electrolytes, allowing you to keep going. The refreshing taste also encourages fluid intake.

After Your Run :

  • Rehydrating after your run is crucial. Replace at least 1.5 times of your fluid loss over the period of 2 to 4 hours.
  • Weigh yourself after the run and compare it with your weight before your run. For example, if your weight dropped from 60kg to 59kg, that means 1 litre of fluids has been lost. To fully rehydrate, you need to consume 1.5 litres (1.5 x 1kg) of fluids.
  • Besides sports drink and plain water, you can also replace fluid loss by consuming foods like soups, smoothies and yoghurt over 2 to 4 hours to help you fully rehydrate.

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