7.4 KM in 37 minutes

Today, I have decided to run for 7 KM on a treadmill at Uniten Gym. It was kind of tiring to finish 7 KM with a bit faster than my normal speed.

That's why I managed to finished the 7.4 KM run for 37 minutes approx.

I think I can do better next time and I will do my best. In order for me to increase my stamina and endurance in running I have to actually increase the intensity of my running speed for every workout session day by day.

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday will be my cardio day and for weekends especially on Saturday, I might use that day to get some rest and have a good time for my tummy but not to eat a lot especially lots of fat and oily food...definitely not...its very hard to be very discipline but I will try..huuhuhu

Therefor on Monday, Wednesday and Friday are totally for my total body workout and I will spend at least 10 minutes of running. Run again? yeah...that's the best way to burn your fat! And it can be more efficient when you run after your weight lifting workout because your metabolism has reached to its max to burn out your ugly fat!

Those are all tips I can give for the moment based on my experience and my way of workout...If you want to follow, be my guest...:D


that's tough ! phu !
I usually run on interval basis . 2 mins slow n 1 min fastest . But to take care of my knee , i usually increase the % incline during sprinting.

7.4 km in 37 mins is still very impressive. Haha


Oh ya ! I just read today on article abt body building . They said , cardio first thing in the morning is the most effective way to burn off the extra fat . why ?

IN the morning , ur body are empty of fuel. We had fast for the entire night , so the body will use fat to fuel our body .In contrast to that , doing cardio after meal on any other time is just to burn off the calorie we ate from food . I am not sure how true is that but I also found one article that go against the idea of cardio first thing in the morning .

I guess , it left the reader to experiment on it. Hehe you always do interval program? thats good man..hehehe..actually if i'm not mistaken that can increase you stamina as well. It can increase your heart rate effectively!

About the running in the morning issue..i guess it can be applied as well because I also read most articles said that if we run when we are out of calories, our body will automatically use our fat as the fuel..

About this burn fat thing, we have to remember that our metabolism also play a major part in this matter. When our metabolism rate increases..our body will burn more fat. In the morning, our metabolism still at low level after we have a good night sleep but it will increase when we start to walk or do anything physically...and of course in the evening our metabolism rate will be at its max level unless if we sleep all day...hehehe

Thats my opinion..what do u think? it has pro and cons u left to the reader to experiment on it..hehe

nice one dude! :D

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