You know how smart Donald Trump is. He can be considered as one of the best business tycoon in the world.

He once lived in debt and the value was more than a billion of dollars but he managed to go sky high once again. Thats his greatest bounce.

I love to watch THE APPRENTICE and I even watch season 1 and 2 over and over again at youtube. I love to see how exactly Donald Trump manages all his Apprentice candidates and what exactly happens when some of so called talented people in business area or among Americans brightest business minded are gathered together and survive in the world of business.

Some of them might have good education background and some of them only got high school diploma but you will never know actually who can perform better because although we have good education background but lack of practical lesson in can eat you and spit you out....enuff said

So in conclusion, I would love to be like Donald Trump but still have my own style and trademark..hopefully I can be like him without forgetting who I really am in this small world...:D


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