Its been a long time since the last time I posted my last post in MyBlogArena which was about 2 months ago I guess. But although I have left MyBlogArena for a long time, my desire to post any new information with everyone is still burning and alive. There are a lot of things that I have to do nowadays which are my responsibilities as a son of a family, a student, a Uniten Student Representative Council committee member, an athlete, a business man (but I like the word entrepenuer) and a boyfriend to someone I love. Hence I really have to manage my time very carefully now so that I can achieve whatever I have targeted for each and every single responsibility that I have.

What about the title up there? What is it all about? What is with business and motivational speaker got to do with me?

Sincereley to tell you the truth, actually I'm aiming to become a business and a motivational speaker in the future. Just like most of my idols such as Bill Rancic (The Apprentice winner) and Irfan Khairi (Malaysian Internet Millionaire). They are really good in being the business and motivational speaker.

But why I want to be a speaker? Its simply because I love to share my experience and knowledge with people, sometimes I love to talk although sometimes I prefer to stay quiet :p, for me the job is very cool and lastly of course because of money $$$. Sometimes people say that SHARING IS CARING and most of the time I like to think that I want to make this speaker job as my part time income.

But how am I going to achieve that? Surely I have to improve my interpersonal skills, communication skills, get a wide great experience in business market, enchance myself with motivational spirit and think positive! that is it...THINK POSITIVE! But I know people will say that TO TALK IS EASIER THAN TO ACT. But nevermind, I believe that I can slowly improve myself to become a good person and perhaps an idol one day =)...that is what we call THINK POSITIVE. Nothing is impossible!

What do you think? Do you want to be a speaker? lol


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