Dear all my friends, when we talk about horror movies or ghost movies especially made in Asia, Japan and Thailand would be among the popular countries to have ever produced such movies. Who doesnt know The Ring, Dark Water and Ju-on which are from Japan and Shutter, Phobia and Nang Nak from Thailand? I think and I believe that most of you have watched all these movies. Even American would also chasing the opportunity to get the right in order to reproduce the same movies like Ju-On and The Ring in US version.

Even me myself, I love to watch horror movies from Japan and Thailand. The way they plotted the storyline, ghosts and the suspense scene is very effective compared to other horror movies such as from Malaysia. But film production from Malaysia also successfully managed to create several ghost movies recently and it is a good sign of Malaysian film production. I've watched Jangan Pandang Belakang and it was a very good ghost movie.

But yesterday, I've found another horror movie from Thailand which will be out soon in Malaysia. The movie is produced by the same director who has directed The Shutter and the title of the movie is Coming Soon. Coming Soon?? Yes, Coming Soon. The movie is all about what people feel when they watch ghost movies. What do you feel when at the end of any ghost movie shows that the hero is actually the ghost? What do you feel when you want to go to sleep after you have watched ghost movies? What if sometimes you feel that something is under your PC desk or behind you watching every single thing that you do? I start to feel goosebumps here. Hehehe.

But after I've watched Coming Soon movie trailer, I think the movie is very cool, best and scary. I may not watch the movie yet since it will be out soon in mid February for Malaysia screening but I would recommend you to watch the movie trailer first and let you see what I saw.
If you want to sneak preview the movie first, you may log on to The movie's website is also scary. Huhuhu. Try it!


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