Hello readers! Thank you for your time surfing I really appreciate that. First of all, this time I want to share something with you that might perhaps help you to motivate yourself. You might be thinking that I have spelled wrongly the word happyness up there. But I tell you what, I'm not wrong. It is actually the title for a movie, "The pursuit of happyness". This movie tells you, inspired from a true story, about the life of Chris Gardner. He was a homeless man, used to live in poverty and raised his son, Christopher Gardner Jr, by himself in 1980s.

After he has worked hard and went through a lot of obstacles back then, he finally became one of the successful man and also a millionaire in 2006. He was a homeless turned a stock broker. He never saw his father and that is why he always keep in his mind that he doesnt want his son to be like him. He really loves his son. I guess you have to watch the movie yourself and you will feel the emotion after you see how was the life of Chris Gardner.

I like this movie so much. At first when I saw the title of this movie, I felt like, naaahh...I dont think that I'm going to watch this movie but after my friend told me about his feeling towards this movie, finally I have made up my mind to watch it. It did really lift up my spirit and motivation and also inspires me to work even harder to be at the top. Ok, I think thats all for now. I want to study. I have to work tomorrow by morning and at night so I have to sleep early. I really have to be good at time management now because sometimes I like to play around and waste my time. See you guys later.


asoka.....hmm..maybe i'll try to watch this after my exam...i'm also looking for HAPPPYness in my life..datang la bahagia...wawawawa....

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