Hello readers! mothers day is just around the corner. On 11 May we will be celebrating Mothers day all around the world. But until today I still dont know what to give to my mother. I want to give her something that she can keep as long as she can. For instance, a card or picture that she can frame, a vase of flowers or a massage machine from OSIM or OGAWA(this is ridiculous because I dont have money..haha).

But suddenly just now I had something in my mind. Something that can be used as the special gift for my mum. All the ideas came out so sudden. But I only picked an idea and let me keep the idea to myself only. Maybe I will change the idea and pick another one, I dont know. Of course the idea definitely not OSIM massage machine because it can cost me thousands of ringgit. Actually in my list, the first one would be a massage machine because I want to let my mum to use the massage machine after she has done a lot of works at the kitchen and stuff or should I say housewife's duty. Housewife's duty is very tiring compared to working as a businessman, engineers, or any other professions. She would love to have that. Maybe in the future when I become rich, then I will buy one for my mother definitely, ok ibu? hehe. So now, no money no talk.

Maybe for those who still dont know what to give to their mum for this coming mothers day, I will list down my ideas and you can consider it yourself. Maybe you can give your mum, as like I said before, a vase of flowers, picture frame with you family's picture, new clothes, new accessories such as handbag, perfume, new shoes, or maybe something from Habib Jewel (If you are rich) and a novel (if your mum really loves to read something) and perhaps the novel is about a mother and her son and daughter so it has relation with mothers day, right?
Perhaps your mum once mention something what she really wants currently, you buy her something that she desires and give her a big surprise! and this trick works too. But if you have a lot of money and are willing to invest it for your mum, definitely I will suggest you to buy a massage machine! =). Whatever it is make sure you buy something that wont make you broke because if you think that you want to buy something very expensive for your mum in order to pay back all her contributions to you, you are wrong because her contributions are priceless.


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