Hello readers or perhaps I should say Manchester United supporters! Finally, Manchester United have been crowned as the champions of europe after they sealed the title of UEFA Champions League. 90 minutes? Extra time? was penalty.

Manchester United won against Chelsea by penalty kick after they ended up the extra time with 1 - 1 scoreline which were scored by Cristiano Ronaldo for Man Utd and Frank Lampard for Chelsea. Unfortunately, Manchester United at first was dissappointed by the penalty missed took by Cristiano Ronaldo. But finally, thanks to John Terry and Nicholas Anelka which have missed their penalty kick and straight away gave the sweet moment to Manchester United to celebrate their second trophy of the season.

Didier Drogba was red carded in the second half after he slapped Nemanja Vidic during the argument happened between Tevez and some of Chelsea players. A few yellow cards also have been handed out by the referee. The game was controlled by Manchester in the first half but Chelsea's turn to control the game in the second half and they did a few shots on target and sometimes successfuly shaked the Manchester United half.

From my opinion, I was very satisfied with the performance shown by all of the Manchester United players. Good job for Van der sar for saving the Anelka's penalty kick. Well done to everyone!



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