SUDOKU -The Brain Game-

You are bored now? Dont know what to do? Try this out!!

Some of you might familiar with this picture but some of you might ask yourself, what is this? Ok, now the time has come to challenge your brain. Is your brain good enough to settle this puzzle? Hmm..never try never know. So lets try!

For your information, especially for those who dont know anything about this picture, this is a game. It is a logic-based number placement puzzle so called Sudoku. All you have to do is just put all the numbers starting from number 1 to 9 in every horizontal line, vertical line and each of the 3x3 boxes which are 9 of them in the picture.

But the rule is, after you have completed the puzzle, you have to check again because once you have 2 or more same number in any of your horizontal line boxes, vertical line boxes or 3X3 boxes, you have to correct it and find the real number that you have to put in. You have to do the correction until you find that for every horizontal line boxes, vertical line boxes and 3X3 boxes no same number has been put.

So try it! What are you waiting for??? If you want more explanation or even try Sudoku online game, just search 'SUDOKU' in Yahoo or Google search engine! Simple and easy! =)


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