Nothing is SCARIER than the TRUTH -You cant FOOL Mother Nature- (Part 1)

As the starter, hmm..I dont think that most of us will ever think about what is going on around us nowadays. Have you ever thought that the climate is not the same as ever and the weather is not following what it should be. For instance, this month in Belgium there shouldnt be snow fall but its happening instead. In Malaysia, this month, we shouldnt come across with heavy rain thoughout the month but the heavy rain is still happening. Why??

From what I have read, this is the outcome of the greenhouse effect. What is greenhouse effect? Its not about somebody's house which is green in colour but its about the process in which the emission of infrafed radiation by the atmosphere warms the planet's surface.

The earth receives energy from the sun in the form of radiation.The earth will reflects almost 30% of the radiation back to the space but the remaining 70% is absorbed and warming the land, atmosphere and the ocean. From engineering term, it maybe hard for those who dont know anything about environment field of civil engineering but I'll try to explain with simple words so that you can understand better and hopefully you will.

Do you know carbon dioxide (CO2)? It is a gas that can be easily obtained from our beloved car exhaust. Do you know how many cars now in the world? Its TRILLION BILLION of them!! I dont know the exact amount. So cars are one of the contributors of the release of CO2 to the atmoshphere. What CO2 relates with the greenhouse effect? It is the gas that trapt the radiation from being released to the space! That is why when the radiation is getting higher, the more warm we get! And with the increase of the is capable to melt the south and north iceberg!Want to know more and what will happen when the iceberg melts? -to be continued


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