A fact about gentleman that ladies need to know - MEN DONT LIKE TO BE CRITICISED

Men really dont like to be criticised because they dont have that kind of attitude. There will be answers and reasons from them if they are criticised. Maybe it can get worse and confrontation will occur.

There are ways to criticise them such as from humor way and talk smoothly. If you want to criticise, make sure your dont do it too emosional and pick the right time for that. It is also recommended if you start the criticism with compliment.


hmm.u think so?i think woman has the same attitude.but i dont think its a good idea to make a compliment and then bombard them with criticism.


What ive stated in the post was from a man magazine that i've read. Its from a motivator. In the post I didnt mention about woman, i just mentioned about men's attitude. But I agree that everyone doest like to be critisiced. It is just the way how they accept the critics and the way they cope with it. Men and women are never the same.


Another thing is....instead of just criticising them alone, its better to start the criticism with compliment. I agree with that statement. For instance "you have a very bright future and thats good for you but you really have to study hard because you are weak at it now"...isnt that good? at least those who are criticised because of their weaknesses, later they will be inspired to success by the compliment.


ok...i understand what u mean.i'll practice this to my bf insyallah :P

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