I believe that, when you see this picture, you might ask this a futureristic building? or what is this? For your information, this is a building which is named as Shimizu Mega City Pyramid and it is using the "City in a pyramid" concept. Its height is actually 12 times higher than the Pyramid of Giza in Cairo, Egypt. The location to build this floating Pyramid is at the Tokyo Bay in Japan and it is planned to allocate about 750,000 people which are to be placed in a few dangling skyscrapers inside the mega structure pyramid like a fruit on a tree.
If this massive project is ready to be built, it will be the largest man-made structure on earth. For now, this project cant be initiated because of lack in technology. We cant simply use the material that we have now such as concrete because its a very heavy material and not strong enough. For this project, it is suggested to use a future available material which is super strong to withstand the weight of the structure an it is called Carbon Nanotubes.
In order to makesure the durability of this pyramid, the designers need to consider the present of earthquake and tsunami in Japan.


malaysia dah ader mender nih! sunway piramid~


wow, dun think they will able to build make n hold structures that as humongous as 12 times piramid giza is absolutely psycho path.might contribute more to negative effects , in terms of humanity & enviromentally , than to its contrary.


I dont agree with you. You must have forgotten about handphone issue long time ago. Back then, people also said that there's no way to invent a handphone which you can bring anywhere but today handphone's technology is getting better and better. Its also become smaller and thinner. But instead of all these advantages, handphone also can cause you brain cancer. So how? There are advantages and human who has brain, its up to us to pick the best. =)

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