Blueberry reduces cholestrol!

Dear friends, I have a good news for you in order to reduce cholestrol level in your body. What you have to do is, eat more blueberry! There was a research that has been done by medical specialist in United States regarding blueberry as the alternative way to reduce cholestrol and what they got was an amazing result!

Pterostilbene, which is a component that can be found in blueberry shows that it can stimulate the protein receptor in our body. Pterostilbene is a very important component to reduce cholestrol and body fat. Another research on pterostilbene saying that it also helps to fight cancer and diabetes.

All these researches on blueberry really bring some hope to those who suffer these kind of deseases. But somehow, the most important thing in our life is, we still have to do some exercises, eat healthy food and have a well balance diet in our day life routine. All of these are important and actually the best way in order to reduce cholestrol and heart attack risk.


kalau makan bluberry muffin ok tak?saye suke...


As long as it has blueberry inside, then its good...i guess =) But its recommended to eat only the blueberry just like you eat other fruits without the present of cheese cake or whatever which contains high level of simple sugar. haha...but I loveee blueberry cheese cake..huaaaa~

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