Manchester United - 2007/08 English Premier League Champions??

After performing well lately, Manchester United seems to have a good quality to win both English Premier League (EPL) and Champions League. They are currently 6 points ahead of Chelsea and Arsenal in the EPL and they have another 6 games left in the fixture. Tomorrow they will be visiting Middlesborough and try to win the game in order to increase their chances to be the champions of England. But anything can happen during this period so for Manchester United fan, lets pray for the success of our football team..hehheh.

Next week they will be hosting AS Roma for the Champions League 2nd leg clash. If they win the game, they will probably face either Barcelona or Schalke 04. For the 1st leg match, Manchester United won by 2 goals and no conceding goal. Thanks to two of United most talented players Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo. They have scored the crucial goals in order to let Manchester United survive in the competition.

Although United have surely can not get the treble this season, but they can still be the champions of these two major trophies. The chances are there.

Hopefully Manchester United will strive for the victory!

Glory glory Manchester United!! =)


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