Hello all, this time I feel like to post in English and perhaps can help to improve my english..hehehe. Since this event which is Earth Hour: 60 Hours will be supported from all people around the globe and not to forget those from Antartica, therefore I'd like to express my feeling in English so that all people from all parts of the earth who surf my blog can understand what I'll be saying.

This coming Saturday, 28th March 2009, we, not only from my beloved country Malaysia, but from all countries in the world, will be celebrating the Earth Hour by switching of the lights for one hour starting from 8.30 pm no matter where you are during that 1 hour period.

Whats with Earth Hour?

This might be a good question that flies in your mind and especially for those who are just noticed about this global event.

Earth Hour is basically an event that requires all of us to vote whether to support the earth or to go for global warming. The vote is done by switching of all of the lights at your house or everywhere you are if you vote for earth and let all the lights turned on if you prefer global warming. So choose which side you are in. Pick wisely.

This event is actually, for the first time, celebrated by more than 80 countries globally this year. It was initiated in Sydney in the 2007 where almost 2.2 millions houses and businesses switched of their lights for one hour. In 2008, the celebration had grown to the next level when more than 50 million people globally took part and in 2009, this year, the target has been increased to 1 billion people.
So lets take part to support the Earth by switching of your lights! :D

For more info please click on below url:


good effort to write in english and there are always rooms for improvement ;)


Nice article, events like these need to be more advertised and talked about. Saving electricity should be the most important goal of humanity right now. I will proudly take a part in this event.

Take care, Elli


aku suuport lu bro....

ape kate kite tutup letrik uniten mlm tu ok x???



not many people care bout the environment..especially young bravo to u!hmm...but in ireland...i dont even see any advertisement bout this..maybe i just didnt see it.nanti esok saye try carik!hehehe..


@anonymous: Thanks! That is encouraging

@toronto: Haha..yeah! This is a great event and I'm not going to miss it! Hopefully lot more people will join! Thanks for dropping by.

@kalsiyum: Yeahh! Thanks for supporting! WooOoO! Mari kite tutup letrik Uniten!

@naz: WoOoO~ so sweet! Thank you2..dulu pun saye mase kat RMC saye masuk kompeni do u know?? kekeke...carik jangan tak carik!

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